Our Services

Nutritional Therapy

Proper nutrition is a skill that can be learned. Nutritional therapy includes help with meal planning, grocery shopping advice, supplements, and tasty recipes. Step by step nutritional guidance for your unique health goals.

Structural Chiropractic

Gentle, specific chiropractic care that address root health problems, restores spinal alignment and corrects neurological imbalances. Designed to promote peak performance, overall health and wellness.

Cellular Detoxification

To get well it starts in the cell. Healthy cells equal a healthy body. Detox and rejuvenate your cells with a combination of diet, supplements, sauna and lifestyle guidance.

Functional Laboratory Testing

We test instead of guess. Using simple urine, salvia, blood-prick and/or stool analysis from hand picked labs from all over the country. We test for nutritional imbalances, food allergies, leaky gut, cellular inflammation, micronutrient vitamin deficiencies, toxins and more to find the cause and prevent or reverse the disease.

Weight Loss

Programs specifically customized to take weight off for good. Addressing those clients who have weight loss resistance and need lifestyle strategies that work in a healthy sustainable way.

Physical Fitness

Regular exercise is key to a happy, healthy life. It improves physical health but is crucial to emotional and spiritual health. Olympic athlete or just getting started we will guide you to peak performance.

Infrared Sauna

Our full spectrum sauna flushes toxins, helps circulation, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, soothes aches and pains in joints, and even helps fight illness.

Mobility Classes

Get a functional movement screening so we can help you improve your mobility, movement patterns and restore a more functional range of motion where possible.

Massage Therapy

Relax with a massage or utilize deep tissue therapy. Massages have been naturally treating pain and other health problems for thousands of years and continue to this day.