Cellular Detoxification


Toxins are everywhere. People often think of smoking and pollution, but most commonly when we work on detoxification with someone we start with each room of their house. You are constantly exposed to toxins, not only from your food and drink, but also from the products you use daily, and even internally as a by-product of your own metabolism. Toxins are also in prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, your workplace, your home, the air you breathe, your soap and shampoo, your perfume and air fresheners, and even your clothing and laundry detergents. These toxins are absorbed through our skin, nose, and mouth. Many of these toxins are unavoidable and can make us feel tired and run down. Some patients even develop allergies and illnesses because of constant exposure to these toxins.

Detoxification is a natural process that your body is designed to utilize and remove harmful chemicals by converting them into something that can be excreted by the detox organs (primarily your gastrointestinal tract and kidneys). Toxins that your body cannot process get stored in your fat (one of the key reasons a patient will become weight loss resistant). When these toxins build up to a critical level, they can cause problems with your immunity, hormone balance, and your general cellular metabolism.

A lot of people suffer from aches and pains and chronic illnesses, never knowing that one of the causes of these conditions is an accumulation of toxins in their body. Many methods for eliminating toxins rely on “cleansing” or removing the toxins from the colon and other organs involved in the digestive process. However, they do not address the deep cellular toxins that contribute to diseases and feelings of ill health. Detoxification at a cellular level is much more effective, promoting optimum health. It may not happen overnight, but it is definitely a long lasting, positive result on your health. To get well it starts in your cell!

Detox properly

When it comes to detox, a lot of people think it’s more about eating fruits and vegetables, eliminating certain food from their diet, exercising, and drinking fluids and herbal mixtures. These are great ways to refresh and energize your body, but cellular detoxification is more than just changing your diet and exercising. There are a lot of factors affecting your body’s ability to detoxify. These include lifestyle, dietary habits, your surroundings, and even stress. Cellular detoxification requires:

  • Eliminate sources of toxic exposure from the environment by first changing your personal care and household products. Anything you put in, on or around your body needs to be assessed and addressed with our guidance.
  • Eating foods that help your body remove toxins naturally and avoiding processed and junk foods
  • Specific supplementation program supporting your detox organs (kidneys, GI, liver, etc.)
  • Minimizing intake of over-the-counter drugs. Let us teach you how to replace your medicine cabinet with essential oils.
  • Changes in lifestyle including stress reduction and increases in physical activity.
  • Cleaning up EMF exposure from “dirty electricity” and wifi.
  • Avoiding polluted areas especially when exercising (middle of the city, along a busy road)
  • Keeping your home or workplace clean, free from dust and molds.

Cellular Detoxification with Dr. Tom

Having the proper detoxification knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do it on your own, especially if you are struggling with an illness. You need proper guidance and coaching from a medical professional. Dr. Tom and his team can guide you safely and effectively through the process of cellular detoxification.

Let us help you achieve optimum health. Request a consultation today!