Mobility Classes

Motion is Life – Move freely and easily

We are moving less now then ever in history. Our modern world makes us more sedentary. With all the technology and increase in automation, people are becoming more inactive. As a result, more and more people suffer from obesity, heart failure, depression, hypertension, and chronic diseases. Mobility not only benefits those who are sick – most need to incorporate it into their wellness routine. You’ll improve your range of motion and your posture while alleviating some everyday aches and pains. You’ll also decrease muscle tension, reduce the risk of injury, improve blood circulation and recover faster in between workouts.

Teach your body to move the way it is meant to

Society doesn’t often teach people to move the way we were meant to move. There are two components of mobility. The first is motor control, which is the technique needed to create stable and powerful body positions. Second is biomechanics, which deals with the muscular structure, joints, and connective tissues, as well as the nervous system, which sends signals throughout the body to instruct mobile positioning.

The mobility class is a combination of multiple methods of stretching, foam rolling, muscle pain release, and movement quality improvement. It’s not flexibility, but it involves being flexible. It’s not yoga, but it might incorporate some yoga positions. It’s not stability, but it includes having core strength. The goal is to have a functional body wherein you could bend over and straighten back again without unnecessary pain or run without having fatigue afterward. Having good mobility means being able to walk, sit, run and move the way your body was intended to.

Strengthen your core

Mobility class is best for people with full time jobs sitting at desks all day, people coming back from injury, and those who just want to be more active and improve their vitality.

With mobility class, you will be able to strengthen your core. It does not focus on one area of the body, but the whole body itself as a system. Everything in your body is connected. The body is dynamic and adaptable. No matter your age and physical condition, you can improve your mobility.

Mobility Classes with Dr. Tom

The body needs proper movement all the time. You’ll realize how much better you are when you stay mobile. In aiming to loosen up the tightness in the soft tissue and muscles, it’s important not to do too much too soon. Come and join our mobility class with our team. Our programs are designed for you to better understand and be aware of your body and improve mobility gradually. We will help you improve functionality, movement patterns and restore a functional range of motion where possible.

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